Careers Counselling Program



Grade 11



Grade 11



Grade 11 & 12

University counselling

Grade 12



Grade 8 & 10



General information


Career lessons

Under this program students at school are guided to make informed decisions about higher education while they select a course based on their interest and aptitude:

  • timetabled lessons

  • identify potential personal goals and obstacles

  • research what is involved in variety of careers

  • guidance on structure of writing Personal Statements 

  • volunteering/internship advice

  • IELTS introduction

Career Events

  • Organise visits to Universities

  • Organise visits from Universities 

  • Establish and maintain relationships with local, national and international universities


Career guidance

Administer psychometric testing.​ Students take skill and aptitude tests in grade 8 and 10.

These tests are designed to know a student's skills, interest and personality. This helps students to make informed decisions about their future and options available 

  • Grade 10 - INTERQUEST

  • Grade 8 - ASPIRE

Keep abreast of developments in post-secondary education


Work experience

  • A week long work experience programme

  • Students do shadow work at local reputable organisations

  • Students learn how organisations work from the inside

  • Students get to put academic knowledge into practice


University counselling

  • Assist students with admissions to overseas universities by way of information sessions

  • 1-to-1 counselling

  • academic reference tracking

  • admissions tracking

  • interview practice

  • personal statement writing