Latest updates academic year 2020-2021


Remote learning

The following guidelines and expectations have been developed to make our RL experience work as successfully as possible.


  • Teachers will create learning experiences for students to take time to absorb content by working at their own pace

  • We will upload resources in advance and use appropriate apps to set work for students

  • Teachers will give explicit instructions for consistency and set clear expectations and deadlines for completion of tasks

  • The school will provide extra support where needed. Teachers will use online collaboration tools to support individual/groups of students who may require extra help with certain concepts/tasks

  • The school leadership team and teachers will be online during set hours to provide support, answer questions, or clarify confusion 

  • The school will seek student and parent feedback about quality of the learning experience, the amount of work, the pace of work and most of all, how the student and family are feeling through this experience

  • We will use this feedback to inform the next steps of planning and implementation

  • Teachers will mark student work and provide feedback in a timely manner

  • Teachers must write a brief description of the task set into the appropriate slot of the ‘



  • Be present and on time for online learning sessions as directed by specific sections of the school

  • Actively complete all tasks as assigned by teachers and submit work by the due dates

  • Adhere to Al Sahwa Remote Learning Safeguarding. 

  • Adhere to the school Academic Honesty Policy

  • Adhere to the school Assessment Policy (Secondary),  Primary Assessment Policy 

  • Contact teachers/the school if work is too difficult/easy

  • Do not record online interactions, video lessons, or share with the public

  • Remote Learning’ planning document.


  • Provide an environment conducive to learning that includes a safe and quiet space and access to technology 

  • Engage in conversations with your child about their learning and the tasks they need to complete

  • Monitor time spent engaging with remote learning both online and offline 

  • Support emotional balance by providing room and time for reflection, physical activity, conversation and play

  • Support your child with time management to complete work by the due date

  • Provide feedback on the quality of the learning experience for your son/daughter

Schedules & Delivery of lessons

Lessons will be posted by 8.30am on the day. All teachers will be available from 9:00 am to 12 noon daily. Teachers may be contacted via email after these hours and a response can be expected within 24 hours.

 Al Sahwa Remote Learning Handbook