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My name is Dr. Noora Sajwani, I graduated from Al Sahwa schools in the year 2000. Since then, I have gone about my life and pursued a career in Medicine and General Surgery just like I always wanted in school. I also became a fitness coach and a mother to two angels that mean the world to me.

What did Al Sahwa teach me?

It taught me to go through life with faith and confidence. It taught me the open mindedness and the humility to treat everyone with respect. It gave me the best of gifts, a group of friends that have been a rock in my life since then, actually they are more than friends, they are life sisters. And for that I am grateful and I always say it with pride, that I’m a Sahwa girl. And now so is my daughter.

Ali Al Habsi

As parents, there are many decisions that we make that will influence our children’s lives. One of the most important is their education. We wanted a school that not only develops academic potential but also their social and emotional well-being.

Why did we choose al sahwa?

We chose Al Sahwa Schools so that our children will be immersed in a bilingual environment, offering the International Baccalaureate Programme. We also chose this school because it upholds Omani culture and traditions. My children have the opportunity to share their voice and ideas surrounded by staff who care about all aspects of their development.

Balu Kannan

I taught physics at Al Sahwa School from 2000 until my retirement in 2018. During my time at Al Sahwa, I had the pleasure of working with 7 principals during my 18 years of teaching, starting with Mr. Nabil Sadun, my first, and ending with MDr. Peter Coltes, who was witness to my emotional farewell at retirement. 

I moved here after spending over 10 years at Indian School Muscat, a vastly different establishment, so I recall my early days of struggle as I tried to adapt. Thanks to the friendly students and warm colleagues, it did not take me long to settle down, and in only a few weeks, Al Sahwa School became my home away from home—a place where I can be my best self every day and feel empowered and supported. I look back on these years with pride, having taught 18 batches of wonderful students and winning several accolades. My proudest moment in my professional career came in 2010, when I received a special mention from the Ministry of Education for my contribution towards framing the syllabus for the GED that year. Al Sahwa school gave me some of the most memorable years of my career. 

I will always hold a special place in my heart for the school and the students and faculty who make it a truly standout establishment. 

Robin & Dawn Kleinveldt

Of our 16 memorable years in Oman, 14 of those years were spent teaching at Al Sahwa Schools. Below are some reflections of our time there.

We arrived at Al Sahwa School in 2008 having spent 2 years at Muscat International School and were warmly welcomed into the Al Sahwa Family by the students and our colleagues, some of whom are still close friends to this day.

Dawn was a Senior Biology Teacher and I was appointed as the Head of the Business Studies Department. Our daughter Roxanne attended the school from Grade 6 and completed Grade 11 here before leaving to complete her A-levels. During her time at Al Sahwa, she made lifelong friends and became fluent in Arabic, thanks to the personal attention she received from the Arabic Department.

Five Directors led the school for various periods of time while we served the Al Sahwa community namely Simon Head, Peter Zeitoun, Peter Coles,  Michael Chapman and Terry Storer who is the current Director. We always felt supported by the leadership and were particularly thankful for the strong leadership and protection offered to the staff and students during the difficult CovidOVID years.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the parents and students of Al Sahwa and the respect and support from them have left an indelible impression on us. What was particularly heart-warming for us was the steady stream of our past students, graduates and undergraduates, some married and some married with children, who took the trouble to visit the school to bid us farewell or to invite us to spend some time together, after they heard of our imminent retirement. During this time, we were deeply moved by the numerous letters of appreciation we received, and to hear how we positively impacted their lives during their time in our classes.

We are now happily retired in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa but we do miss teaching, we miss our students and colleagues who have been an integral part of our lives for well over a decade. We are still in touch with our now ex-students and colleagues, some of whom have threatened to visit with us sometime in the future, such are the familial bonds which were created during our time at Al Sahwa School.

Our time at Al Sahwa and in Oman has been a blessing to us and our family.

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