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Our 2022 Results
GED Results

Over the past few years, we have been delighted to announce very strong results for our students in GED and the year 2022 was no exception with a 40% of students obtaining marks of 90% and above. The overall results A to C grades of 100%

Percentage of students scoring grades A – C
A (90-100%)B (80–89%)C (65–79 %)
Our top 20 students score

GED results by subject

Al Sahwa offers a range of subjects in the GED with an equally high average percentage in the subjects offered.

IB Diploma Results

Al Sahwa is proud to be an IB World School. Our journey to full authorisation has taken seven years from initially adopting the PYP, to now offering all three programs. May 2023 will see our first cohort graduate from the IB Diploma program. The students have risen to the challenges and opportunities of the program and we are excited to share the success we know they will enjoy.

MYP Results

Students from Grades 6–10 follow the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP). This culminates at the end of Grade 10 with the capstone Personal Project which brings together all the learning from the past five years. The IB grades range from 1 (most basic) to 7 (the top score available).

Personal Project (2022 results)

The Personal Project is the benchmark used by IBO to distinguish between MYP schools and the cumulative average will be used by the IB visiting team during the re-accreditation.

Al Sahwa students were well above the world average with 17% of the students achieving the highest grade of 7, more than half the students achieved between level 5 and 7. The school average was 4.88; well above the world average.

Percentage distribution for Personal Project
Level 3 – 7Level 2Level 1

English Language and Literature and Language Acquisition

English Language and Literature and Language Acquisition students also achieved very high results in 2022.

Percentage distribution for English Language and Literature
Level 3 – 7Level 2Level 1

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