Where can I find my child’s report?

All reporting is stored on students’ ManageBac Profile. When reports go live an email is sent to both students and parents. Students can download their reports as PDF files from their profiles. Parents have a separate login to their children. If you need your Parent account welcome email resent contact helpdesk@alsahwa.edu.om

How do I see my child’s Google Classroom?

Parents can be added as Google Classroom Guardians. To do this parents need to accept the invitation sent to their emails.  If you need your Guardian welcome email resent contact helpdesk@alsahwa.edu.om

My Chromebook is broken, what can I do?

For the first year each Chromebook is under a warranty. You can take your device to the Acer Service Centre is Oasis Computers, Ruwi Main Office: 2479105, 91108530, http://www.oasisgulf.com/

Can I buy a Chromebook replacement?

We have a stock of Chromebooks for sale that can be accessed by mailing helpdesk@alsahwa.edu.om

What time does school start and end?

Our students start at different times of the day, check your child’s timetable carefully. K1-10 all start at 7.25am, with homeroom registration. School then finishes for most students at 2.10pm. IB DP Students often have additional learning time; “period 0” which starts at 7am and “period 7” which ends at 3.10pm.

How can I contact my child’s teachers?

Teachers can be messaged via ManageBac. To book a meeting with a teacher studentservices@group.alsahwa.edu.om

Where can I get the google username and password of my child?

When your child enrols at our school they will be given a unique gmail account email and password. This is used to log into their Chromebook. Primary School students will receive this form the Primary ICT Teacher, Secondary will receive this from ICT Support.

How can my child print?

Around our school campus we have printers. These can be used by students by entering their unique printing code. At the start of each year students have a printing balance and they can top this up by buying vouchers from the Library.

Can you tell me more about the Primary Years Program?

More information about the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) can be found at: PYP FAQs

Do you have an Extra Curricular program?

We run a range of engaging extra curricular programmes that are tailored for different ages, genders and interests. There is a wide choice but it includes sports (such as football, volleyball, basketball, swimming etc), peer and teacher led homework and academic support clubs, craft clubs, chess, Arabic calligraphy, robotics, model making …………….

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