Support for Learning

Al Sahwa Schools believes in providing education that is inclusive, welcomes diversity and provides equal opportunity for all students to develop their personality, skills and abilities by ‘empowering students towards their potential’.

The Support for Learning Department (SfL) aims to make provisions for students needing additional support that is aligned with Al Sahwa Schools Guiding Statements, Ministry of Education and the International Baccalaureate® (IB).

We support a managed number of students with mild to moderate learning and language needs, who may require accommodations and modifications to access the curriculum.

Who Receives Support?

Students have different levels of additional needs that may require long or short-term support to assist them to be successful within our learning community. Support lessons are offered in class, in small groups out of class, and on a limited one-to-one basis.

Students will receive support if they are experiencing difficulties in any of the following areas:

Students who are underachieving or those with Learning Difficulties

May include those with mild difficulties in: communication and interaction, cognition and learning, socio-emotional and behavioural needs that impact access to the curriculum.

English language support

For students with a limited command of English to help them successfully access the curriculum. An English Language Learner (ELL) student is a student whose first language is not English. This encompasses students who are not fully bilingual and all those at different stages of learning English.

Language support in grades 6 – 9 (MYP) is also offered as English Language Acquisition classes. These classes cater to students who are English Language Learners and need to improve their English language skills.

Arabic language support

For students experiencing difficulties in accessing the Arabic language curriculum.

Arabic as a second language classes are also offered to cater to students who are Arabic language learners, and need to improve their Arabic language skills.

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