General Education Diploma - (GED)

Also known as the bilingual course.

After four years of MYP study, students proceed to two years of higher level studies. The General Education Diploma (GED) course, is overseen by the Ministry of Education. It provides students with a broad range of subjects and enables them to graduate from school with full ministry approval.

Course structure and certification
The courses are internally assessed throughout grade 11. In grade 12 there are external exams around January - February. The final external exam for each subject is held in May - June. The breakdown of marks varies by course but is typically around 70% exam, 30% coursework. Students in Grades 11 and 12 study 9 subjects; 6 of these subjects are compulsory and 3 of them are optional. All students must successfully pass 9 subjects in order to obtain the General Education Diploma Certificate.

The GED enables students to graduate from school, endorsed by the Omani Ministry of Education. To succeed in the GED students will be expected to do a good deal of independent study.